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In addition to weddings & baby namings, Rabbi Mitch Feld can help you with other important life cycle celebrations. Always feel free to contact Rabbi Mitch to help you with your upcoming special event.

Baby Namings: In Jewish tradition when a baby is born the family celebration includes the declaration of the baby’s name.

Circumcision: For a baby boy Jewish tradition requires a circumcision or bris. Rabbi Mitch Feld can help you find a mohel to perform the ritual.

Wedding Ceremonies: Rabbi Mitch will be happy to plan and perform your special wedding celebration.

Ethical Wills: An ethical will is a written document that includes instructions for life, morals, values and family stories that one generation hopes to pass on to the next. Ethical Wills are gaining in popularity today as some people want to find a way to leave their loved ones with “values” instead of just “valuables. Rabbi Mitch can assist you and guide you through the process of developing an ethical will.

Pet Funerals: Pets are our family members and deserve a proper goodbye. Have a dignified pet funeral officiated by Rabbi Mitch for pet owners and their families.

Funerals: In times of grief and loss Rabbi Mitch will provide comfort and conduct a service of dignity and honor.

Conversion: The process of choosing Judaism is unique to each person who takes the journey. Some may choose to become Jewish through the experience of falling in love with a Jewish person and deciding to join their lives in marriage. Some may choose Judaism as they raise Jewish children. Some who have no other connection to the Jewish community seem to know they were meant to be Jewish all along. We provide a path for joining the Jewish people for those individuals who choose to identify with our history, heritage, and hopes for the future.

Seminars: Rabbi Mitch offers a wide-ranging of seminars that offer the exploration of knowledge, practices and tools for leading a conscious, spiritual life. Whether you are just embarking on a spiritual path, or have been studying spirituality for years, you will benefit from Rabbi Mitch’s unique combination of information, experiential processes and resources.

Through Life’s Many Celebrations Rabbi Mitch Feld is there for you.
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Rabbi Mitch Feld will help you in any situation in your life.

He has been a Rabbi for over 30 years and has vast experience working with families to create memorable life cycle celebrations.

Talk to Rabbi Mitch about your needs and that of your family and he will walk with you through difficult times and joyous times. Jewish & Intercultural Services

Questions regarding your Jewish life cycle event?
Contact Rabbi Mitch Feld at 954-755-3764 or by email:

Counseling: Rabbi Mitch Feld is available for one on one, or family counseling. If you or your loved one(s) need someone with vast experience and the sensitivity necessary to help overcome or understand life situations, please contact Rabbi Mitch to set up a meeting.

You won’t have to worry about a long commitment to work through issues. Rabbi Mitch has over 30 years of counseling experience and has helped individuals as well as entire families. Life is too short to carry the weight of problems on your shoulders. Rabbi Feld can help you.

Whether you have expanded your family and would like a wonderful baby naming ceremony with all of the Jewish traditions to welcome your baby into your family…
Or, your family is dealing with a recent death, Rabbi Feld has had over thirty years experience walking with families through joyous and difficult times.

Feel free to reach out to Rabbi Mitch Feld and see how he can become a part of your family’s life experiences.

Rabbi Mitch is warm, compassionate and engaging in all that he does. His approach to all his services is to help the person he is working with to find their inner meaning, value and worth in whatever it is they have hired Rabbi Mitch to do. Whether life cycle event, counseling, coaching or praying, Rabbi Mitch’s goal is to help you find your inner path through your experience.

He is dedicated to working with you for you to find your passion, faith and truth in your journey forward. Rabbi Mitch wants you to feel more fulfilled at the end of the experience than you did at the beginning.

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