Pet Funerals

Pet Funerals

Pets are our family members and deserve a proper goodbye. Have a dignified pet funeral officiated by Rabbi Mitch for pet owners and their families.

In the first book of Moses, Genesis, many species of animals were created by G-d. In the story of Noah, G-d commanded Noah to build an ark with specific dimensions to protect the animals.

Our pets are part of our family. We interact with them daily as our family members. When they are sick, we are worried. When we leave our home for work, errands, or vacation, we miss them. When they pass on, it hurts and that hurt becomes a terrible loss.

From the time we are children, we learn to care and be responsible for another life. Dealing with death is not taught or passed on from generation to generation. Our feelings and the pain of loss is real. Our pets are missed, our hearts hurt from that loss. We do all that we can when they alive, when they are sick. We go to great lengths caring for our pets, but when they die, they are often not given a proper goodbye, a proper pet funeral.

The Veterinary office takes care of their remains or an area in the backyard becomes the place for a burial without a marker, without a pet funeral. The hardest task of all, taking them to the crematory and having their ashes placed in an urn that becomes part of the home’s decor. Let’s not even mention what we do with our pet fish!

Being a pet owner since childhood, it was only fitting for me to offer my rabbinical services for those requesting a rabbi leading a proper funeral for a beloved pet.


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